Baltimore Blades

Against the Billhooks
Session 19

The Four Horsemen take on a contract with Canter Slane and other Charhollow merchants to convince the Billhooks to stop smashing up their shops.

Professor, professor!
Session 18

Cloud Nine harrasses Charterhall University professor Laudius Salkara

Assault in the Eelfield
Session 17

A crew of freelancers assault a Dimmer Sisters refinery hidden between Dunslough and Barrowcleft.

Four Horsemen on a Boat
Session 16

The Four Horsemen assault and scuttle an Imperial Navy ship stolen by a small group of Skovlander refugees.

Session 15
Robbing the Lady

A crew of freelancers break into the Fellowship of the Weeping Lady to steal funds for the Red Sashes.

Session 7
Party Gondola

An unaffliated crew, led by Pinkerton of the Nightmarket Hawkers, escort Phin from the Docks to Gaddoc Rail Station.


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